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Vehicle Dynamics

Team XIV

The suspension is the only part of the car that is directly in contact with the track through the tires. The vehicle dynamics department is responsible for controlling this interaction as well as ensuring the desired driving characteristics of the car. Every component is self-designed and checked such that the car is safe and as lightweight as possible.

Marius van der Bend

Chief Vehicle Dynamics

We as Vehicle Dynamics ensure that the driver can get all the performance out of the car by designing a lightweight but strong and durable suspension. Over the course of this year, the suspension parts are designed, produced, tested and improved. My responsibility is to ensure that all suspension components are designed in time for production while assuring quality and managing all interface between the suspension components and interfaces with other departments.  Apart from the suspension design, I am also responsible for the car setup during testing and racing days.

Flint ten Berg

Chief Vehicle Dynamics

The Forze IX will be the most powerful Hydrogen electric racing car that we have ever made. To transfer this power to the ground and withstand all the dynamic loads during driving, a solid suspension has to be designed. This might look like an easy task, however there is actually quite some thought behind the layout of the suspension members. It influences the handling of the car heavily. My role is to extract the most mechanical grip from our car while ensuring that all interfaces with the suspension are managed well. Besides that, I am also responsible for the design and packaging of the monocoque.