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Team XIV

The software department works together closely with the electronics department to produce the embedded systems of the car. This can be seen as the central nervous system and it is, among other thing, responsible for the communication between all the different components of the car. Because of this we have intensive contact with the other tech departments to make sure the software is tuned to the team’s needs.

Bas Kruit

Chief Software

The design of the Forze IX includes a big overhaul of the embedded systems compared to the Forze VIII. This means a lot of challenges for us as the Software Department but also opportunities to improve the existing systems. My focus will be on making sure our systems are able to handle the increasing number of sensors and the other systems in the car. Next to that I will make sure every department can monitor the systems that are of interest to them.

David Vos

Chief Software

As the Forze IX will be an entirely different beast compared to the Forze VIII, a lot of code has to be written for new subsystems and components. My focus will be on overseeing the high level design and to verify and validate the new and improved codebase.

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