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Simulation & Control

Team XIV

We as Simulations & Controls engineers make sure that all the controlled systems in the car stay within operating conditions while pushing the car to its limits. As this means working on fuel cell operations, traction control and energy management we have to work closely together with almost all other departments. Next to all the projects regarding control, we also have a high-tech racing simulator which is used to test new systems. Based on the simulator data, tech departments can make optimal design choices.

Alvaro Detailleur

Simulation & control

Every aspect of our state-of-the-art Forze IX hydrogen electric race car will be upgraded in an effort to increase overall performance. However, the (custom developed) hardware in the Forze IX cannot reach its full potential without a control system. Together with my colleague Sander, I will develop new feedback and control systems aimed at improving the car’s energy management system, the traction control and the fuel cell control. The design, testing and validation of these new control systems will be main priority this year.

Sander Blok

Simulation & control

The power source of our car, the fuel cell system, largely has already been designed for the Forze IX. To ensure its optimal performance, control systems have to be designed, tested, and validated this year. In addition to developing the control systems for the two balance of plants with my colleague Alvaro, my focus will be on designing strategies for energy management in the car. The energy from regenerative braking and cornering is stored in a large array of supercapacitors, the accumulator. Together with the power generated by the fuel cells and the extra control possibilities enabled by the car’s updated hardware, it is my job to find an optimal method of distributing the energy stored in these systems, to further improve the car’s performance.