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Race Engineer

New Position!

Job description

Forze is a team of TU Delft students with the goal of promoting hydrogen technology by showing its potential with a hydrogen powered race car. The ongoing project is the construction of the Forze IX car, an endurance racing car with an LMP3 monocoque designed to compete in the GT racing class, against, amongst others, Lamborghini and Porsche race cars.

For the 2021-2022 academic year, Team XV is looking for a full time Race Engineer. In this position you will be responsible for planning the tests and races of our Forze IX, and also for the race strategy and driver communication. Next to being knowledgeable about the car, this function also requires an arsenal of communication skills. When problems with the car occur, the race engineer is notified first, after which he has to make sure the car is fixed. All communication with the drivers also goes via the race engineer. Furthermore the race engineer is also responsible for organising the tests, and thereby for delegating tasks related to that to other team members, and having contact with the parties involved, such as the track. 


  • Ability to cooperate and work as part of a team.
  • Social skills as the middleman between team and driver.
  • Motorsport knowledge and passion.
  • Eager to learn about all parts of the car, especially vehicle dynamics.
  • Being able to communicate and make decisions together with other departments, and the Chief Engineer.
  • Strong planning skills for tests and races.
  • Ability to delegate tasks in logistics.


  • Knowing all safety critical aspects of the car.
  • Reading simulations and data, and translating the cars data into a race strategy.
  • Communicating with the driver when driving and during preparations.
  • Organization and logistics of tests and races (involves contact with the tracks).
  • Responsible for setting requirements for the car’s interfaces with the driver.
  • Responsible for defining the car set-up together with the driver, and documenting it.
  • Part Time engineering for a tech department.