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Within Forze the mechanical department is an altering job based on the progress of the car. Now that we are building a new car it also means designing a new gearbox and a new subframe. When testing and iterating on the car, it usually means producing parts for other departments. This means it is a very dynamic job within the team.

Niels de Boer

Chief Mechanical

This year the Forze IX will be build, which means a lot of new large and small components. We want to integrate the suspension, gearbox and motor into one component and this has become my job this year. Since this is a very big project it means it takes up most of the year. Once the design is finished, together with Tuur we will be working on making smaller parts for the car that other departments need. Think about brackets for big or small components, tubes for cooling and casings for electronics that need to be made before the car can actually be put together.

Tuur Knevels

Chief Mechanical

As the Forze IX is designed to be more powerful than any other hydrogen car before it also needs a lot more fuel and a double balance of plants, making all of this fit in the car without upsetting the Aero boys is my job. And in order to keep everything together nicely we also need a subframe of which I am designing the largest part, this should be designed such that it can handle more than all the forces a race car ever experiences, as it’s a vital part of the car this makes up most of my time. In the later stage of the year both me and my colleague Niels will mainly be producing a lot of parts of the car.

Covid-19 update

Due to the situation we are all in, the team is currently working from home. Health and safety will always go first, which is why we follow the guidelines of the TU Delft in this respect and do not work in the workplace on campus. From home, we will do everything in our power to develop the next-generation hydrogen racecar!

If you have any questions, you can always call us: +31 (0)15 2789 880