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Mechanical Engineering

Team XIV

Within Forze the mechanical engineering department is a dynamic job at the intersection between the many departments of the car. Whether the embedded systems department needs a shockproof enclosure, or the fuel cell department needs a turbine mounted, the mechanical department gets the job done. Additionally, the department is responsible for big projects such as motor and gearbox housings, as well as the mid subframe, the backbone of the car.

Simon Andreas

Chief Mechanical engineer

This year the Forze IX will physically come together, which means that the mechanical engineers will be busy in the workshop. But before that, we are responsible for making all the components fit inside the car, for which we use CAD software. These components need a light but robust casing to protect the internals and a bracket to firmly attach them to the subframe of the car. Therefore, I will be in close contact with all the departments to fit the components inside this subframe and to design the structure around it.

Willem van der Vliet

Chief Mechanical engineer

The Mechanical Department is the nuts and bolts of the Team. We hold everything together, literally! From the mechanical design of the steering wheel, to the manufacture of the mid subframe, to the design of the gearbox, the mechanical engineering department have their hands in many different projects. This year, I am busy with projects such as designing and packaging the front drivetrain into the monocoque, designing the mounting and cover for the accumulator, as well as the casing and mounting of our two fuel cell stacks.

In addition to my role as an engineer, I am a part of the safety team within Forze, ensuring that not only our tests and races, but also the day to day operations of the team run safely and smoothly!