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Control & Simulations


We as control and simulation engineers make sure that all the controlled systems in the car stay within operating conditions while pushing the car to its limits. As this means working on fuel cell operations, traction control and energy management we have to work closely together with almost all other departments. Next to all the projects regarding control, we also have a high-tech racing simulator which is used to test new systems. Based on the simulator data, tech departments can make optimal design choices.

Martin Osowski

Chief Control and Simulations

A lot of options are on the table this year with the design of a new car. My job is to write simulations that allow us to compare concepts quickly and interpret these results to steer the top level design of the Forze IX. My biggest project has been to write a simulator that drives a hydrogen powered lap using GPS coordinates of a racing line, without needing a driver to be present. This allows us to predict important stats like lap times and hydrogen consumption, and gives us results faster than simulating with a driver.

Peter Elffers

Chief Control and Simulations

The fuel cell system in the new car will look quite different from the one in the previous car. This requires simulation and control of the new components ranging from thermal pressure vessel simulations to controlling the gas flows going into the fuel cells. The new fuel cell system will most likely use a novel anode circuit which puts new requirements on the control systems. My job is to design and test these controllers to ensure safe and reliable operation of the fuel cells.

Rosalie Kievits

Chief Control and Simulations

Since this year is all about the new car a lot of big design choices have to be made. New powertrain options are frequently added to the 3D sim and tested by our drivers. This has been my responsibility so far. Furthermore the control system for the two new fuel cells and the traction control for four wheels are the biggest projects for this year, which I work on with Peter and Martin.

Covid-19 update

Due to the situation we are all in, the team is currently working from home. Health and safety will always go first, which is why we follow the guidelines of the TU Delft in this respect and do not work in the workplace on campus. From home, we will do everything in our power to develop the next-generation hydrogen racecar!

If you have any questions, you can always call us: +31 (0)15 2789 880