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Business & Operations

Team XIV

The Business and Operations department has the responsibility of making all non-technical aspects of the Forze project a success. This includes the finance of the project, maintaining a positive relationship with our partners and sponsors, arranging the logistics of the team, organising events and constantly working on increasing the exposure of Forze.

Ron Hochstenbach

Business & finance manager

As Business & Finance Manager I am leading the business and operations side of the team. Together we take care of the revenue streams and public appearances of the team. In my role as finance manager, I look after the financial health of the team. Together with the tech team I look at what our expenditures are going to be, as well as how to minimise and schedule these.

Jikke de Mol van Otterloo

Acquisitions manager

We would not have been able to reach our goals without the incredible support of all our partners. Without them, we would not be where we are today. This year I will be responsible for the contact with our current partners and that the communication between them and the rest of the team runs smoothly. In this way, together with our partners, we will build the next-generation hydrogen electric race car, the Forze IX.


Max Huting

acquisitions manager

The Forze project is not only done by us students, without the incredible help of the many companies that support our project, Forze would have never been this successful.As Acquisition manager I will be responsible for finding new partners and sponsors. This year we split acquisitions in two parts, hot and cold. I will be responsible for cold acquisitions meaning I will try to meet as many fresh faces and get them onboard of our mission and support the team.  

Maxime van Kekem

PR & Marketing manager

The term ‘translator’ most often refers to someone who transcribes one language to another. However, as a PR and Marketing manager, my responsibilities also include acting as a translator. We take input and information from our team, and convey this to the general public in the most suitable way. This we do on our social media channels, such as Facebook and Instagram, of which I’m in charge. In any spare moments we look for cool opportunities to promote Forze. It is our responsibility the message of Forze, and the potential of hydrogen as energy-carrier, reaches as many people as possible, and by doing so, we aim to contribute to the Hydrogen Revolution.

Odile Niers

PR & Marketing manager

As one of the PR and Marketing managers I am responsible for all communication from our team to the larger public. My goal is to show the power of hydrogen to the world by promoting our high-end hydrogen-fueled racecar, the Forze IX, and educate people about the possibilities of hydrogen. My main responsibilities are keeping our YouTube channel and our website up to date, next to designing a new corporate identity.

Ricarda Warnat

operations manager

As Operations manager, it is my responsibility to organise and attend the events which we attend, and therefore play a large part in the representation of the team to the outside world. With over 30 events yearly, this involves a lot of logistics and planning. Furthermore, I am responsible for the organisation and logistics of our office space.

New phone number!

We have a new phone number for the office. You can now reach us at: +31 (0) 15 785 1349