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The Board

Team XIV

The board of Forze consists of the Chief Engineer, Project Manager, Business & Finance Manager and Team Manager. In short the Project Manager and Chief Engineer are responsible for planning and quality of the car, respectively. The Business & Finance Manager overviews the financial health of the project. Lastly, the Team Managers overviews the harmony of the three aspects. As the board it is key to work closely together. All board members need to be able to fulfill their separate responsibilities, but also to solve problems together. Together you strive to find ways to organise the team more efficiently, overcome challenges and improve the output of the team by making clever use of resources.

Mark Jan Uijl

Team Manager

As Team Manager I am responsible for maximising the output of the team as a whole. I do this by making sure every team member can work in the right environment while helping them to achieve great progress, both personally and professionally. Next to this, I connect the technical department which is responsible for the race car with the Business & Operations department which is responsible for marketing, relations and operations. As Team Manager, I optimise the workflow of these two disciplines while taking the longer term strategy of Forze into account. Finally, I also share our vision of promoting Hydrogen with partners, sponsors and fans, as I am the spokesperson of the team to the outside world.

Gabriel Garcia Aparicio

Project manager

As project manager, my job is to make sure the goals of the team are met in the available time frame. Because I am responsible for managing time I have the task of making the team’s plan, where all the sub-projects must be prioritised correctly. During the year, I check the project’s progress and communicate this to the team to make sure everyone can see their contribution to the bigger picture. Finally, I am responsible for facilitating the correct tools for everyone to meet their deadlines. At Forze we have a fast-paced work environment where teams get one-year cycles to contribute to the car, so my job is to make sure that everyone can work together seamlessly.

Jasper van Dongen

Chief engineer

As Chief Engineer I am responsible for the technical quality of the project. In the development phase I set the top-level requirements for the car and ensure that all the subsystems match these requirements. The challenge in such a complicated project is to keep track of the interfaces between departments and to avoid any interferences. This does not only require a strong fundamental understanding of all aspects of the car but also the capability of letting people from very different departments discuss with each other to understand how they interfere with or depend on each other. During tests and races my responsibility shifts on the operation of the car and checking that all systems have been set up according to plan and operate up to specifications in a safe and reliable way.

Ron Hochstenbach

Business & finance Manager

As Business & Finance Manager I am leading the business and operations side of the team. Together we take care of the revenue streams and public appearances of the team. In my role as finance manager, I look after the financial health of the team. Together with the tech team I look at what our expenditures are going to be, as well as how to minimise and schedule these.