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Team XIV

We as the aerodynamics department are responsible for both the design and production of the bodywork of the Forze IX. The aerodynamic design goals are to minimize drag, maximize downforce and assure proper airflow for cooling. For every potential design alteration, an extensive airflow simulation is run by means of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to ensure these design goals are met. When the design is finalized, also the production is done by the Aerodynamics department. With the use of carbon fibre, it is made sure that the bodywork is as lightweight and strong as possible to handle all aerodynamic loads.

Coen Holland

Chief aerodynamics

This year, Martijn and I will be finishing the design and start on the production of the bodywork of the Forze IX. It is essential we will get enough cooling, downforce and minimise drag in order to get the most out of the car. We will be responsible for the design of the moulds that have to be made in order to be able to manufacture the carbon fibre parts that make up the bodywork of Forze IX, as well as actually manufacturing the parts. Laminating and producing the carbon fibre parts will take up a large portion of the year, after which the Forze IX will finally have a beautiful outer body to look at!

Martijn Loonen

Chief Aerodynamics 

This year we are finishing the design of the outer geometry of the Forze IX and will turn it into a physical bodywork. Many design iterations are compared by performing CFD, to optimize the aerodynamic efficiency while making sure the harsh cooling requirements are met. Coen and I are responsible for designing and manufacturing a bodywork geometry which fulfills the design goals set. After finalizing the design, we will switch over from performing CFD to designing and producing moulds and manufacturing the carbon fibre bodywork.

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