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TU Delft Students Present the World’s Fastest Hydrogen Racing Car

Students of the Technical University of Delft presented the design of their newest hydrogen racing car on Wednesday. This car is revolutionary, as this technology has never been used before in such a powerful hydrogen-electric race car. The car will
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World’s first: hydrogen-electric race car beats the petrol-powered competition

The “Forze VIII”, a hydrogen-electric Le Mans-style prototype, became the first-ever hydrogen-electric vehicle to beat petrol-powered cars in an official race Sunday evening. The car, that was designed, built, tested and raced by a group of students from the Delft
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Waterstofracewagen is op dreef

De door Delftse studenten ontwikkelde waterstof racewagen Forze VIII heeft dit weekend twee veelbelovende races gereden waarin coureur Jan Bot in beide races de snelste rondetijd neerzette. In deze wedstrijden nam het Forze team met hun waterstof raceauto op tegen
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