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Acceleration (0 - 100 km/h)

< 0 seconds

Top Speed

0 km/h

Fuel Cell Power

0 kW (141 hp)

Boost Power

0 kW (295 hp)


0 kg


0 x 190 cm

Forze VIII

Upgrading Performance

After the world debut of hydrogen electric racing by the Forze VII, there was still a whole lot of work to do to win races. Therefore the Forze VII was stripped down to nothing but the LMP3 monocoque. From that state she was completely rebuild with new and better components. Some of the major projects were: implementation of a 700 bar hydrogen system, completely new front and rear suspension, total redesign and production of the electrical wiring harness, and obviously a completely new carbon fibre bodywork for much higher aerodynamic efficiency. Furthermore, the packaging of all components was drastically changed to improve the car’s performance.

Due to all of these huge upgrades, Forze is confident that they will be able to compete for the victory at the Gamma Racing Day in August 2018!


Why the hydrogen racecar was built

The Forze VIII is build to compete against petrol powered cars in the Supercar Challenge during the Gamma Racing Day.

The race weekend exists of a free practice session and qualifying on Friday, a 60 min race on Saturday and a 45 min race Sunday. Even though the Forze VIII has a 700 bar refueling option implemented, it is not allowed to refuel hydrogen gas during the race. This is unfortunate as quick refueling is one of the major advantages of hydrogen. Luckily, another advantage of hydrogen in mobility is a long range. The brand new 700 bar fuel tanks provide us with enough capacity to finish the race without refueling. Competing in the Supercar Challenge will demonstrate the potential of hydrogen and the future of sustainable racing!

Over the years, Forze can progress to the fastest division of the Supercar Challenge. In the long-term we plan to move towards endurance racing. Participating in the announced hydrogen class at the 2024 24H of le Mans is the most solid example of this endurance aspired future.


What we have accomplished

The Forze VIII became the first hydrogen racecar in history to compete in a FIA certified race. On August 18th she raced in the sport division of the Supercar Challenge and finished 6th out of 7. This event took place during the Gamma Racing Day at the TT Circuit of Assen.

On the circuit of Zandvoort, the Forze VIII holds the official lap record for electric sportscars at 1:56.958 during a test where conditions were far from ideal. On the TT circuit of Assen, the unofficial lap record of the Forze VIII is 1:55,809.

The Forze VIII led the parade of the Elfwegentocht, an attempt to break the world record for longest sustainable parade.

After one more year of upgrades, mainly to improve the reliability of the car, we participated again in the Supercar Challenge at the Gamma Racing Day. Here, the Forze VIII became the world’s first hydrogen-electric race car to beat petrol-powered cars in an official race.

New phone number!

We have a new phone number for the office. You can now reach us at: +31 (0) 15 785 1349