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Acceleration (0 - 100 km/h)

< 0 seconds

Top Speed

0 km/h

Fuel Cell Power

0 kW (22 hp)

Boost Power

0 kW (81 hp)


0 kg


0 x 153 cm

Forze V

Creating the next frontier

After the obtained record of the Forze IV on the 1/8th mile on August 16th 2011, the team started with a new challenge. The team wanted to build a second hydrogen electric Formula Student Car, namely the Forze V. The new race car was specially designed to compete with combustion and electric cars at FSUK to show the potential of the hydrogen technology.

After months of hard work on the Forze V was unveiled to the public on June 23rd on the Spuiplein in The Hague like its predecessors. The roll-out of the Forze V was guided by a technical presentation and the fuel cell system was taken out of the car to further explain it to the public. Also, the Forze I, II, III and IV were present to give a nice overview of the history and technical development of the team and its cars.


The Forze V is an evolution compared to its predecessors and is developed around a hydrogen fuel cell which is the beating heart of the race car. Through several subsystems, the fuel cell delivers power to two electric motors which are connected to the tires with a belt drive. Many parts in the fuel cell system have been redesigned which resulted in a very compact and light system. Moreover, the ergonomics have been improved with an adjustable pedal box and a tailored seat for the drivers.


Formula Student at Silverstone

After completion and roll-out of the Forze V, the new race car participated at two major events. The first event was the Formula Student held at the famous Silverstone race track whereby the Forze V competed with more than a hundred combustion and electric cars. During the competition, the Forze V was the only hydrogen powered vehicle. The fastest lap time on the first racing day resulted in a Top 35 position. In overall, the Forze V finished on a 56th place on the rankings as the car was not able to finish the entire race.

Rotterdam City Racing

During a demonstration of the Forze V, the race car drove on the City Racing Rotterdam through the center of Rotterdam with hundreds of other vehicles, ranging from go-karts to Formula One cars. The race cars were driven by the best drivers in the world. The Forze V demonstrated its potential during the New Energy Demo, where they drove in a parade of alternative fueled vehicles.

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