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Acceleration (0 - 100 km/h)

0 seconds

Top Speed

0 km/h

Fuel Cell Power

0 kW

Boost Power

0 kW


0 kg


0 x 160 cm

Forze IV

A grown-up race car

At the end of the third season the team was ready for the next step and to build a grown-up race car. This was made possible due to the obtained knowledge and expertise during the development of the previous three vehicles. As the Formula Zero competition was not challenging enough, the team was ready to develop and build a revolutionary race car. From a standard go-kart with an off-the-shelf fuel cell system to an advanced Formula Student race car.

After many months of hard work, the team was ready to unveil the Forze IV to the public on 9 July, 2011 at the Spuiplein in The Hague. With a 28L tank which stored the hydrogen at a pressure of 350 bar and a standard automotive refueling components, the Forze IV was the first Formula style race car ever powered by a fuel cell system.


As the step from a go-kart to a Formula Student race car was more advanced, a new chassis and a total fuel cell system was developed. It was equipped with a standard automotive refueling components which made it possible to tank at any commercial hydrogen refueling station. Moreover, the race car was designed to comply with the Formula Student Competition regulations.

The bodywork of the Forze IV is extremely lightweight and is served to protect all the technology inside the race car. The bodywork consists out of complex shapes with thin layers of glass fibers which is impregnated with low LCA polyester resins, supplied by DSM Resins.

With the use of negative molds milled by Nedcam, it was possible to create a body panel within a short period and less amount of material. Professionals from Glasurit did the sanding and coating of the bodywork to give it a nice look.


Formula Student Competition

The Forze IV was developed and build for the Formula Student Competition but due to problems with the electronics the car was not ready to participate during the competition. However, the jury was impressed by the scrutineering and design of the Forze IV and its new technology.

FIA Record Attempt

As the Forze IV could not participate during the Formula Student Competition, the team organized a big event in the city centre of The Hague to have a shot at the 1/8th mile world speed record. The Forze IV did several attempts to break the recod which was previously set by the Formula Zero organizaton at 11.6 seconds. At the end of the trials the fastest time was set and announced by Deputy Prime Minister of the Netherlands Maxime Verhagen: 10.456 seconds, more than a second faster than the previous record.

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