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Forze I

Zero emission, infinite future

Inspired by the Formula Zero Championship, Edgar van Os assembled a team of 40 part-time students from the Delft University of Technology to develop and build a hydrogen racing vehicle within one and a half year. Together with Edgar van Os, the team wanted to show the world a more attractive way of sustainability with the use of hydrogen fuel cells in vehicles. Unlike combustion engines, a hydrogen vehicle is so innovative that the team had to start from scratch with the development of knowledge and parts.

After many up and downsides, the technical efforts of the team paid off when it showed the world’s first hydrogen racing vehicle to the public in July 2008. The vehicle was unveiled by the professional racing driver Tim Coronel and Herman Vaanholt who is the director of Rotterdam City Racing. Aftera successful demonstration run and media attention in the evening television and many newspapers internationally, the Forze I was born and many successes have been achieved.

The Forze I is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell system which generates its electricity out of hydrogen. The exhaust emission only consists out of pure water which is partially collected in a tray to show that it is drinkable. The Forze I was the first vehicle ever to win a hydrogen fuel cell race in the Formula Zero Championship competition.

Due to all of these huge upgrades, Forze is confident that they will be able to compete for the victory at the Gamma Racing Day in August 2018!


0-90 km/h
<5.5 seconds
Top speed
90 km/h
Fuel Cell power
8 kW (11 hp)
Boost power
20 kW (27 hp)
266 kg

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