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Team XV Recruitment

We are looking for Team XV! Want to learn more about the team and which departments you can join? Watch our team introductions below! If there’s any questions you want to ask us, we’ll be hosting online interest drinks at tuesday 16 February and thursday 18 February

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any burning questions in the meantime.

Already certain about joining the team? Send your CV and motivation to before the 28th of February 2021.

Interest Activities

About Our Team

The Board

As the board you are responsible for the proper functioning of the team. This responsibility is shared by several managers: Team Manager, Finance Manager, Project Manager and the Chief Engineer.

Business & Operations

The Business and Operations department has the responsibility of making all non-technical aspects of the Forze project a success. This includes the finance of the project, maintaining a positive relationship with our partners and sponsors, arranging the logistics of the team, organising events and constantly working on increasing the exposure of Forze.

Race & Test Engineer

As a race and test engineer, your responsibilities include logistics and planning for testing and races. With this position comes a lot of knowledge about racing, data interpretation and clear driver communication.


As an aerodynamics engineer you are responsible for designing the outer shell of the car. The aero shell makes sure the air flows around the car as efficinetly as possible and generates enought downforce.

Electronics & Powertrain

The electronics department is split in two parts; powertrain & embedded systems. The powertrain department takes care of all high power electrtonics, they make sure the Fuel Cell power is transfered to the wheels of the car. The embedded system’s main job is to send control signals to all components in the car and log all the data generated by the car.

Fuel Cell

The fuel cell is hte hearth of the car, as a fuel cell engineer you will be working on delivering the largest amount of power to the powertrain.

General Mechanics

Within Forze the mechanical department is an altering job based on the progress of the car. Now that we are building a new car it also means designing a new gearbox and a new subframe. When testing and iterating on the car, it usually means producing parts for other departments. This means it is a very dynamic job within the team.

Simulation & Control

The simulation and control engineers simulated parts of the car as accuratly as possible in order to predict its behaviour and develop proper control software in order to change its behaviour.


The software department writes all code running on the car’s computers. These computers directly control all machinery in the car  to make sure it runns on optimal performance.

Vehicle Dynamics

The vehicle dynamisists develop and build the suspension assembly to make sure the car controlls well and has grip at all points of the track.

How to apply?

Send your CV and Motivation letter to