On the 16th of April Forze organized a Partnership event. An afternoon filled with informative, fun and even exciting activities for all of our sponsors and partners. A day like this serves as a way for us to thank all of our sponsors and partners for the great collaboration we have. We had a wonderful day and want to thank everybody that was there for making a great day an even greater day!

Next to an impressive lineup of old Forze cars, our guests could drive around in currently commercially available hydrogen cars such as the Toyota Mirai or the Hyundai Nexo and experience what hydrogen mobility means in a more common form factor. Furthermore, we made sure everybody left knowing what racing feels like by offering them a seat in one of the Ferrari’s or BMW’s that we had lined up in the pit street. Two fast laps are apparently all it takes to make a grown-up smile like a kid on Christmas morning. Combined with the demo of the Forze VIII driving power laps around Zandvoort there was enough action to also require a place to relax, process what you just experienced and connect with one of the many interesting parties that were present. This place was Bernies, a restaurant situated on the paddock with a great view of the circuit. Live music and the presence our simulator further enhanced the space to a perfect fit for our network drink.

Take a look at the pictures to see one of the best lineups in which we have ever seen the Forze VIII drive.

All pictures by Eva Beets.

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