Monday 30th of July

With our big race ahead we are already some weeks in the testing period. There have already been a lot of different test with the car on the dyno, at RWC ahoy (a small cycling test path) and at the RDW test facility. But the big test had yet to come, driving laps on a real circuit.

Last Monday (30th of July) it was finally time to test on the circuit. With enough confidence in the Forze VIII after all the last tests, we gathered the whole team to come to circuit Zandvoort. Which is unusual, normally only the test crew tests the car. Instead of a small group of 6 to 8 people we were with a group of over 30, because everybody should see this special moment.

From 17:00 we had the track completely for ourselves and with a small start up delay the fun could finally begin. You could hear the zooming sound of all the different pumps in the car and then quietly it drives away. You could immediately feel the tension in the team the moment the car was out of sight. After a little over two minutes we saw it steering trough the last corner and with a setting sun in the back it flew over the finish!


In the beginning we could drive several rounds in sequence, and I could tell you it was a special sight. Seeing the future of racing built by students from the TU Delft driving lap after lap at the circuit of Zandvoort was special. During this session the car reached top speeds well over 180 km/h and we drove a best lap time of 2 minutes flat. However, we expect way faster lap times with other tests to come. With for example an anti-roll bar which was not yet fitted to the car this track test.  

Unfortunately, after an hour of testing we heard some bad sound in the left rear, we stopped the car and concluded that we couldn’t continue the test. The part that broke had to be repaired in our workshop in Delft. However, the spirit is high for the Gamma Racing days on 18th and 19th of August. It is not unusual that something breaks during a track test, preferably if something breaks down you want it to break down during a track test. Then you can optimize the part and make sure it won’t happen again during the Supercar Challenge.

With 2 weeks to go the spirit is high and a lot more tests on track are planned. Besides Zandvoort we are also going to test in Assen because in the end that is the circuit we will race on!  


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