Yes, finally the day was there. The Forze VIII would drive its first meters outside on the track. It promised to be a sweat dropping hot day, so perfect to test the new cooling in the car to its limit.

The goal of the day was to test the car on low speed. For a racecar driving on low speeds is very difficult since there is not a lot of air going to the radiators to cool the car. Fortunately, the cooling performed well today.

However, the biggest challenge of the test was reliability. On a first track test you always expect a lot of errors in the system. Many of the bugs have already been found and fixed with the dyno tests, but on a track circumstances are always different. Every tracktest, we bring many different tools and create a mini workshop by the track. Because of this we can often fix small problems on track and then continue driving.

After driving for 2 hours straight (with some small repairs) with a speed of 20 km/h we gathered a lot of data from the many sensors in our car. We will now analyse the data so we can make adjustments and optimize our car even further. This is only our first test. From now on we will have a lot more tests on which we will drive at all different kind of speeds and settings. In our car we can adjust many different drive characteristics such as the torque and the suspension settings.

Stay tuned to see our car performing on higher speeds in the coming weeks!

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