Last month’s disassembly of the car was an exciting experience. Now that the car is disassembled, the upgrades can begin! Projects we have been working on the whole year now come to a realisation and are being manufactured. Read on to find out about the big improvements we are implementing in the coming weeks and other things that have kept us busy this past month!

Start production of molds at Jules Dock

The biggest and most noteworthy improvement to our car will be the completely redesigned bodywork. The new bodywork consists of 9 different molds which are going to be produced at Jules Dock shaping. For our CAD-guys, this meant many long days and short nights.

The molds will be brought to Airborne to begin the layering of the carbon fiber shell. This labor intensive process will be quite a challenge to complete in the limited timeframe, but will greatly improve the performance. The team is excited to see the new bodywork on the car and is motivated to begin with this process!

Wiring harness production 

The past month, a lot of manpower was put into the new wiring harness of the next generation Forze car. Seven team members from many different departments (including management) spent 2 weeks designing the complete wiring harness in CAD. This was done in order to get highly accurate dimensions and to give our successors a head start in developing a wiring harness for subsequent iterations of Forze racers in the future.

When our designs were finished in 3D, they were flattened and printed on paper. On these 2D designs wires were laid, creating bundles of various lengths and thicknesses. In fact, over 300 meters of wire was used in the complete harness! Currently, the last connectors are being attached, after which the harness can be installed in the Forze flagship car.

Show Forze to the outside world 

We have been to some interesting events last month. In early March, the team visited the Symposium of Rotterdam The Hague innovation airport as guests with our hydrogen demo model. For a varied public we explained hydrogen technology and gained new insights on how hydrogen can be used in the aerospace sector.

Also, the team attended the green future event at the Hovenpassage in Delft. The Forze VI was put on display inside the shopping mall in order to inspire passersby to think about a sustainable hydrogen powered future.

Recruiting the best engineers for next year

This month was also the beginning for the recruitment of the next full-time team, as after the Gamma Racing Days team XI will hand over all its responsibilities to the new full-time members.Our interest drinks, in which the garage is opened to potential new team members for drinks and a chat with the team’s engineers, were extremely popular this year. The coming weeks will be busy with interviews and selection of new team members!

Next generation almost there!


 And finally: the best for last. An announcement that the Team is very excited about:

The next generation of Forze’s zero-emission hydrogen racers will be called: “Forze 8”

Check out the teaser video of the Forze 8 (tip: turn your sound on)

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