Delft – Student team Forze from Delft University of Technology joins a fossil fuelled race during the Gamma Racing Days on the 5th and 6th of August. The students will compete with a 100% clean hydrogen-electric car, which has never been done before in the racing history.

The team has been working with hydrogen for nearly a decade: from building hydrogen karts till realising world’s first hydrogen racecar. Competing with a hydrogen car however, will be a premiere. It is even the first time that a student team joins the competition, which is a tremendous challenge for the students. By doing so, they want to show the potential and power of hydrogen technology and prove that it is both feasible and exciting.

Former Formula 1 driver Jan Lammers has faith in the team. ‘They have grown in many ways, which is wonderful to see’, according to the driver. Lammers is Forze’s ambassador since 2012 and he has close connections with the team. He has been test-driving before and gives advice to the students. ‘It is crucial for us to understand what a driver experiences and notices during a test,’ Joost Berendsen tells, Chief Engineer. ‘Only in this way we can optimize the performance of the vehicle.’ How the car will perform, can be seen on Sunday the 6th around 15:00 on TT Circuit Assen.


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