After an eventful and successful Whitsun weekend at the Zandvoort circuit, we would like to give an update to all the Forze enthusiasts who unfortunately could not make it.

The highlight of last weekend was the Pinksterraces (Whitsun) races! With a thrilling mix of races ranging from BMW Challenges to Equipe GTS races, this truly was an eclectic experience for all car enthusiasts. Starting on Friday and ending on Sunday, these races went on almost all day on all three days, so there was always something to watch and enjoy along with the perfect weather. On top of this, this year’s edition of the Whitsun races included a memorial race for Marcel Albers, who tragically passed away in a racing-related accident in 1992. Whether you love the roar and raw power of a BMW M4, or the elegance and style of an Equipe GTS, there literately was everything for everyone.

Of course, aside from enjoying the races, Forze members were also regularly enjoying nice conversations with sponsors and fans, since this was also our first public appearance with a moving Forze VII. This was an honourable moment for the whole team after having worked long days and nights on the car’s completion, since its conceptual design was made in 2015. So, to celebrate this achievement the whole team had a barbeque together on Saturday, which only made the spirit of the team grow stronger. We would like to thank everyone, especially our sponsors, for your continued support and faith in our team.

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Although she could not make her debut on Sunday, the Forze VII still managed to successfully drive a considerable amount of laps around the circuit, reaching speeds of up to 170km/h. Not only has it given us a feeling of achieving another milestone, but it has also shown the potential of hydrogen technology since the Forze VI. With these successful laps we are well on track for the upcoming race in August: the Supercar Challenge!

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