Electrical Blog #3 – Hidden Treasures

In this third blog, I want to emphasize three of our sponsors, namely Viba, Hemmink and Thomas & Betts. All of these sponsors make sure that everything in our car is fastened correctly. This is often a branch which is unrecognized by most people watching our car, but it is worth naming! Mostly the big components in our car are explained to people, but today it is time to unveal some hidden treasures in our car and our daily work.

Let’s start with Viba. What Viba does for our team is sponsoring Glue, inserts and clickbonds. We mostly use all these components to mount anything to our carbon bodywork. The fun fact about clickbonds is that they are massively strong. For example, the threaded version of a clickbond with a size of M5 has a baseplate with a diameter of 15.9mm and can hold up to 181kg of shear, and 113 kg of tensile stress. That is insane for such a small component, and that is the reason why we use clickbonds to mount everything in place that originally had no mounting points on it. The inserts are also used in our bodywork, mainly in our bottomplate. This is to mount anything onto the bottomplate.


Cableties with clickbond mounts, clickbonds holding a node and an insert

Then about Hemmink. Hemmink is a company which supplies us with all sorts of tape. This varies from common use tape like insulationtape and duct tape, but also for far more sophisticated tapes. In the Forze VI, we had problems fastening parts within our accumulator boxes. Our accumulator boxes are filled with Diala oil. This is a non-conductive oil which has the downside that whenever it comes into contact with tape, it makes it useless. Hemmink supplied us with tape that could resist Diala oil, which made it possible to mount the parts in the accumulator

Thomas & Betts is our supplier for cable fasteners, heatshrink and other tools for making cables. In order to make the car look very neat and to make sure that the cables stay in place, our hole cableharness is firmly fastened. The cableties supplied by Thomas & Betts are really strong which guarantee quality. We also use so called splices from Thomas & Betts. This is used within our cable to splice off signals to different places in our car.

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