Introducing Board X

Last week, all TU Delft students began or continued their studies. Last week was also the first week for Board X at Forze Hydrogen Racing, and it has been an exciting one. Thank you Board 9, for this wonderful opportunity, we will not disappoint you. We will do more than our best to make this a marvelous tenth year of Forze, cheers to that!

Board X, from left to right:
Oscar Verbeek, Technical Manager
Mats Dirkzwager, Team Manager
Sieger Falkena, Chief Electronics
Mathieu Blanke, Acquisitions Manager
Coen Lastdrager, Chief Vehicle Dynamics
Tinie Lam, Marketing Manager
Colin Heimans, Chief Aerodynamics
Joost Berendsen, Chief Engineer
Beau Smit, Chief Fuel Cell

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